Post Season

Post season scouting has to be one of the best times to go out and find sign from this past season.  Between the woods being open and being able to see deer, you can also find bedding areas easier, and you can see all the rubs and scrapes from the previous rut.  I also use this time to find where other people have been hunting as you can find the trees that have been climbed, as well as pick out trees that I will plan to hunt out next season.

Of course, this is also a great time to start heading out looking for sheds. It is a little early as I have seen several deer this past week whom still have their antlers, but they could also be shedding any day as I know I have seen a few smaller deer that have already shed while driving.  It really is a great time of year to be out in the woods learning.  That being said, that is what we do every time we head into the woods, is learn and attempt to gain a better understanding to give us the upper hand each time we go out in pursuit of a harvest.

I will spend a decent amount of time in the woods over the next two months scouting and shed hunting, and you know unless you have a lot of land, shed hunting is like looking for needle in a hay stack.  But, when you do find a shed it makes it all the more worth it, and when you find a big shed it's something you don't forget.

I would say in another two weeks pretty much all if not all antlers should be shed, so soon it will be time to hit the woods!

I also am in the process of packing all my hunting gear up for the year this weekend.  It's always a good time to look at what you have and make a list of what you need.  Also a great time to check the condition of your gear, many times camo can get rips, or broken zippers, holes in pockets etc. and now is a great time to figure out what you need over the off season.  Something, make sure you wash all your clothing in a scent free soap before storage, otherwise left over dirt or anything really could mold or spread a smell you may not get out next season leaving those things unusable.

I also always check out my treestand, ropes, safety harness, and any calls just to make sure I don't need to replace anything and if I do I go ahead and start looking now.

Also remember, starting this month up until about June is a great time to find clearance camo and other hunting at a lot of the big sporting good retailers, they have it and hunting season is over so they are looking to liquidate their inventory, so some great deals can be had. Starting in June, prices start to bounce back to full price as hunting season nears and retailer look to once again take advantage of those  whom need something.

So I guess my point behind this post is, just because it's the off season and we all cannot be out enjoying the outdoors as we have been for the past 5 months, doesn't mean we have to forget about our passion.  Even better we can use this time to get read for the upcoming season when we will hopefully get that shot at a trophy!



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