Preparing for the Holidays and The Rut That Wasn’t

Well, this past week was a slow hunting week for me...  Preparing for the holidays has encompassed much of my week and all of my weekend..   Therefore, my hunting has mostly been mostly non existent this week and even if I was hunting I have heard there hasn't been much action in the woods.  After my swing and miss on the doe on opening day of shot gun season,  I have wanted to get back out in the woods and redeem myself.

I have been talking to a number of people that have been out this week and some said they are still seeing scraps being made, others said they have started to see the deer herding up for the winter.  I think we have all seen what we saw a couple years ago, which is a trickle rut.  This means we could see a little more rutting activity in December after the full moon and maybe even January.  So looking at the moon and calendar the week before Christmas you could see some minor rutting activity.  Does it mean everyone will, surely not.  However, some people could and others will likely start seeing the deer herding up more and more.

As I sit here and I am watching the Ravens game and the snow come down.  We currently have about 6 inches and I am wishing today was Saturday so I could be out in the woods.  I absolutely love hunting in the snow and if it does not change over to freezing rain or rain tonight I will likely try to hit the woods in the morning! 🙂

I know with gun season currently in full swing the deer are doing strange things, but for me I lost my gun property so I am still trying to get it done with the bow and man the deer can be really nervous this time of year!

Have any of you been out this week? What have you been seeing? Rut, no rut or herding up?  Love to hear what is going on in the woods!

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  1. Brian
    Got back from my Wisconsin trip late Friday evening and hunted my private property spot with some friends on Saturday evening. I hunted with a compound bow instead of my crossbow or shotgun just for variety. We didn't see a darn thing. One guy saw a tomcat walking through our food plot which was a little strange...and of course a ton of squirrels. I don't think I've seen a deer in the woods since early November. Probably won't do much hunting until the week after Christmas when I have off work.
    • admin
      Brain, Sounds like a lot my recent trips. But glad you got out and good luck when you do get back out and Happy Holidays!

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