Primos MINI BLOODHUNTER® – Plus Blood Trailing Flashlight Review



Primos Mini Bloodhunter Plus Blood Trailing Flashlight
is designed to allow you to find the hardest blood trails in the toughest conditions. It is small and lightweight allowing you to hold on to it for hours while tracking. The flashlight package includes a holster that goes on your belt and 3AA batteries. This means that it is ready to go to work straight out of the package. The flashlight offers a 6 position switch with 5 different light settings: red, green, the blood hunter technology (which is a combo of red and green filtered together for optimum blood location), a reduced version of the blood hunter light (which reduces the amount of light in case you do not need it as bright), and the standard white light (which is a 95 lumen white LED light). The flashlight sounds like a great item that any hunter should have in their pack when they leave for their next hunting adventure.

Primos Mini Bloodhunter Plus Blood Trailing Flashlight

My opinion:

After using this flashlight for several seasons, I have to say it does what it claims. It helps you find some of the hardest blood trails. It did very well in finding blood on grass, which is normally where I have the hardest time. Since I hunt around a lot of grass fields, this has been a great tool to have in my pack. I like being able to have red or green light to see what you are doing in the dark without letting everyone and everything know where you are. The bloodhunter technology seems to do what it says it does, and having both a standard and reduced lumens version is nice because you do not always need it as bright. Finally, the super bright 95 lumen LED light is great when you just need light, whether it is walking out of the woods or gutting a deer, it is super bright and since the flashlight is very easy to hold it makes for a great item to have with you.


The Pro's:

I like the bloodhunter technology and hope they continue to build on it in the future. The option of 5 different light settings keeps up with a lot of the new hunting flashlights and headlamps alike. It is very useful no matter what you are doing afield. It is small, lightweight and ready to use out of the package, batteries included. Not something everyone offers.


The Con's:

My cons for this light might be a bit unfair to the flashlight. I have owned 2 of these lights in the past 3 years, the first one lasted less than one season as the LED light bulbs came unseated and no longer worked. I only had red light that would work in the first one, on top of the fact that the others rattled around inside the light which was very annoying. The second one, I started using season before last and last year towards the end of the season, the same thing happened to it again. Only this time I have only white light, which is a little better. In the end, the annoying rattling around inside it from the other bulbs is just plain annoying and now I need a new flashlight yet again.

So my biggest problem with this light is for an average price of around $40 to break after one or two seasons is a lot, and frankly just a pain to deal with.
Final Thoughts:

It is a nice flashlight; I just wish it was made better and at an MSRP of $62.99 it should be made better. Not sure if I will be trying this flashlight again or not. I might try another manufacture since I have had two bad experiences with this product.

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