Proposed Deer Hunting Regulations for the 2012 – 2013 and 2013 – 2014 Hunting Seasons

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has released the proposed changes to hunting regulations.  I wanted to share the ones that affect deer hunters and deer hunting.   Now, we all have to remember that these are proposed regulations and still have to be put into law, but it is still a good thing to know about since there is always a good change they will make it to law.

For deer hunters the regulation changes are as follows:

1. To allow a cocked, but unloaded crossbow to be placed in, on or against any vehicle. The change would still prohibit a loaded crossbow from being in, on or against any vehicle. A loaded crossbow is one with a bolt or arrow in the shooting position.

2. Require persons that are bowhunting deer in the bear hunting zone to meet the hunter orange requirements while the bear season is open.

Those are the regulations that mainly involve deer hunters.

Then, the following regulations are the ones that pertain to deer hunting bag limits and seasons.

1. Create a STATEWIDE bag limit for antlered deer (bucks) and reduce the overall buck bag limit to three per year, one per weapon season (i.e. bow season, muzzleloader season and firearm season). One Bonus buck would be allowed to be taken in Region B only during the season of the hunter’s choice. Hunters must purchase a Bonus Antlered Deer Stamp and harvest two does during any weapon season in Region B before taking a Bonus buck.

2. Extend the archery season for white-tailed and sika deer to open on the first Friday after Labor Day, each year.

I wanted to make a note that this would mean bow season would open on September 7th this year.

3. Expand the current unlimited antlerless bag limit for bow season in the Suburban Archery Zone to all of Deer Management Region B.

4. To permit the transportation of a deer carcass or part taken in the CWD Management Area (CWDMA) to an approved taxidermist.

5. To allow a person to remove deer front and hind leg quarters from the CWDMA.


I have read these new proposed regulation changes and read what the goals and/or comments that go along with them. I would encourage everyone to check the whole DNR statement out here :



Once the regulations are finalized later this spring/summer I will post which of the proposed regulations made it into law and which ones did not.


I would love to hear what all of you think about the proposed regulation changes. Like or Dislike?  Share your thoughts and/or opinions by leaving a comment!

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  1. Clay
    I would prefer to extend bow season at the end of the season. A week into February. Allowing us to hunt a week eariler doesn't help me, it's usually too warm.
    • admin
      Clay, We would have to agree that extended time in the colder months would be more ideal for us the hunters. However, you have to look at it from an ethical standpoint. In February you have two moral issues, the first is the fact that bucks could be dropping their antlers the first week of February so hunting during this time could lead to bucks being taken that were thought to be does. The other big factor that I am guessing is why they will not extend the season into February is does will be carrying fawns by that time and they will be sizable, therefore it would be a moral issue for many people. The other reason many want the season to open earlier is many have complained that we in Maryland we do not get a very good opportunity to take a buck in velvet, so by opening the season 8 days earlier they give hunters a better chance at that. Now these are just our thoughts on the subject, we are sure DNR has done research and talked to hunters which lead to these proposed dates. Not only that, but we still have to remember that these are proposed dates, until they make it to law, which they may not happen, and would lead to hunting season likely opening the same date as normal September 15th. Thanks for sharing your opinion and please continue to do so!
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