Raven’s Versus Bow Hunting Opening Day 2013

Opening Day of Maryland's 2013 bow season is tomorrow and I am sitting here watching the first quarter of the Raven's vs Bronco's game thinking about how early I will have to get up to be in the woods. After a delayed start to this football game, it could be a long night and early morning...  Our super bowl champions the Baltimore Ravens are playing (and yes, they are very important to me), but I also understand that we have football fans that read our blog that are fans of other teams and your season starts Sunday.  For those of you who are either Raven's fans or Bronco's fans or just enjoy watching football and are watching the game and also plan to head out into the woods in the morning you understand why I wish it wasn't so late 🙂

Tomorrow should be a prefect weather day,  temps should be in the low 50's in the morning.  Sunrise is at 6:38 AM, so you should be in your tree around 6 AM since legal shooting time is 6:08 AM.  Get in and get settled before 6:08 since the deer this time of year could be moving at first light and also could be pushed by other hunters.  Tomorrow evening, sunset is 7:31 PM and temps will likely be around 77 tomorrow afternoon when you hit the woods.  I will likely be in my tree around 3 PM tomorrow afternoon just because the deer may move earlier since they aren't use to people being in the woods and it is to be a little cooler than what it has been recently.

For those of you who cannot get out until Saturday, no worries, weather is  to be pretty much the same expect maybe a little warmer in the afternoon.  It will be yet another great day for early season hunting!

As I am about to post this, we are just in the second quarter of the game tied 7 to 7.   I will continue to watch and hopefully I make it through the whole game, but my alarm is set awful early to be staying up late but who can miss this game!

Good luck tomorrow everyone and we will look forward to sharing our opening day experience and look forward to hearing about yours!

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