Shed Hunting 2016

In the wake of a fun but not successful hunting season for me, I finally got back out in the woods after all the snow melted in hopes some deer have dropped their antlers.  Well, I can honestly say that I did not find a single shed yet this season.  I spent several hours walking the woods and nothing.  I did however check my trail camera's for the first time after the blizzard and noted that all the way up to around the 20th of February there were still deer with their antlers.  This tells me deer are dropping this late this year, or maybe at normal time but later than I want them too.  I will be  checking the trail camera's soon and hope to see they  have finally dropped but ya never know.  I heard several reports from friends and family members of seeing deer in fields and in backyards over the past week or so that said they are still seeing deer with racks on.  I myself just saw a deer last evening on my way home from work, it was a little 6 point but he too still was wearing his head gear on the 3rd of March.

So, the moral of the story, just wait and a little longer and get back too it.  But spring fishing season is quickly coming upon us and turkey season is right around the corner from that.

On another note.  While out shed hunting I did find a dead deer that looked like it passed several months ago, no clear cut reason for it's demise. However, it was a nice find as you can see pictures below, it is a nice 9pt buck I found while shed hunting.  It's a shame he passed away for whatever reason, he would have been a super nice deer next year had he lived.

9pt2016 1

9pt2016 2

Anyone else been out shed hunting and found anything? Love to hear from you or see what you have found!

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