Shed Hunting April 2014

Shed hunting has been slow this year and I have only found 1 shed earlier in the year. I went out last week and I was able to find a dead Spike buck that looks like he passed away sometime over the past 2 - 4 weeks based on what was left (Pictured Below).  He was in a pile of brush and was likely the result of either a car (most likely) or illness.  Otherwise I have seen lots and lots of dead fawns likely from the very cold weather and the snow this winter.  I think I have seen 9 dead fawns and a couple does so far this spring..  However, now that the weather is turning around and food is coming out for the deer, I have started to see large groups of deer between 10 - 20 deer at a time.

Dead Spike

I will continue to do some more shed hunting over the next few weeks before the grass and brush start growing up too high to find the sheds anymore.   However, I have gotten several reports from people that they are still seeing bucks with 1 or both their antlers as late as about a week ago. That is crazy late for bucks to still have their antlers, but it has been a strange winter after several years of really no winter so anything is possible and everything is hard to explain.

Anyone else been out shed hunting the past couple weeks and had success?  Love to see some sheds, and cannot wait to start sharing trail camera pictures in just a few short months as normally end of May and into June we start to see antlers growing!


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