Shop for Clearance Camo & Accessories in the Off Season


Shop for Clearance Camo and Accessories in the Off Season

Christmas in July? That is exactly what it feels like to those of us who are out bargain shopping for clearance camo and accessories.  Many large sports retailers are using the hot month of July to unload last year’s clothing and accessories.  Camo and hunting accessories are no exception and great deals can be found during July.  Many people would not think about scouring the sale racks for hunting apparel during the summer.  However, it makes perfect sense that this would be the time of year when the best deals are to be had.  July is a few months before the next hunting season, and long past the last season. That means that there is no better time to clear their stockrooms.   Look into your local retailers and take advantages of great sales and remember to check back with these retailers for further markdowns.  Many retailers will let you take back your receipt for a price adjustment if the sale item gets a further markdown with 30 days.  Do not forget about online retailers and even online outlets to search for great deals.  Many clearance events do not exclude Under Armour, or other name brands that are typically not included in general sales or are excluded from coupon use.   Lastly, many retailers offer reward points for purchases or offer coupons for 10$ off of a 50$ purchase this time of year, so combine as many offers as you can to maximize your savings.

So take advantage of a great opportunity in the summer.  After all the next time that camo may be on sale could be on Black Friday, or even next spring.

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