Small Buck Keeps Coming Back + First Fawn Picture of 2012

After taking a break from work, and the blog for a week we are back and refreshed.   Over the past week we got a ton of pictures of does, probably the same 2 or 3 visiting our mineral block.   The small buck that had been coming up continues to make his presence known and currently appears to be a  3 point, we thought the other side might have split to make him a 4 a week or so ago, but after getting more pictures of him it has not yet.  It is nice to see that in a year or two he might be something nice as he is probably only a year and half old and has nice long antlers for around here.

We also got a couple pictures of a doe and her twins from this year, turns out she had them pretty early as they are pretty good size compared to some of the other fawns I have seen thus far this year.  Also nice to see the young ones, they almost have the look of a pet to them with their spots.  A side note, I enjoy watching wildlife and fawns have always been fun to watch as they really do act like young kids and are in many cases very funny to watch in their natural surroundings.  So getting to see pictures is also very nice as I like to keep track of the stock of deer which will be around next year and for upcoming years.  I will also monitor how many button bucks I see this year as that will give me an idea of the young buck population for next year.   Every bit of information you can get always help when heading out into the woods.

Anyway, enough of all that, below are a couple pictures from this past week, hope you enjoy!




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