Spring! Finally! Time for Fishing

Anyone else enjoying the weather?  Finally a few good warm days to get the fish out of the winter deep water hideaways.  Of course with it being early spring many of us that hunt also fish, and there are certainly more fishing opportunities right now then hunting.   Spring turkey season is just a couple weeks away but we will talk about that more later this week.  For now we look at all the fishing opportunities that are out there, from shad and perch, to spring trout fishing, to the lakes and ponds are coming alive with bass, crappie, bluegill, and even catfish.  On the bay side spring trophy rockfish season is just a couple weeks away!  Even crabbers are getting their gear out and dusted off ready for the arrival of the first good Maryland Blue Crabs of the season.

So many choices on what to go after and yet each one has it's own positive aspect as well as challenge.  Me personally, I try to go after as many different fish as I can each year, of course with a few at the top of the list.   This season I have already been trout fishing several times including my opening day experience.  Just yesterday with the arrival of warm weather I went to a non-stocked stream that has native brook and brown trout in it and hooked two small brown trout but lost them before before I even got them out of the water.  I went bass fishing a few weeks back at Loch Raven when it was still cold, mostly to just get out and see if the equipment still worked (Nope didn't catch anything).  The next several weeks will be action packed as bass will be spawning soon, trout season is in full swing and we have another opening day just around the corner.  Spring  Trophy rockfish season starts and for those lucky enough to make it out on the bay they might get one of the tasty trophies. ( as a side note, if you are heading out send us pictures of your rockfish, as I am jealous, haha)  Really, send us your pictures of no matter what your catch is this spring, summer whenever, we like to see what's going on in the outdoors. For that matter just have a cook picture from camping, hiking, whatever it might be we would love to see!

As fishing season continues we will HOPEFULLY have pictures to share with you of the different fish we are able to catch and I am sure plenty of stories to go along with it .

One of those stories is from the other night,  I went out trout fishing it a friend of mine and his two sons,  I didn't catch any trout and the other 3 only caught 1 fish.  Slow evening, but we just went out for a couple hours before sunset.   While we were on the river around 4:30 we had 6 deer come running to the top of the hill above us, they were clearly spooked, but still it was interesting to see them, and for a minute we all thought they might come running down the hill and cross the river right in front of us.  Then on the way home, we drove past a field that I normally see deer in and we slowed down just to see what was in the field, well no surprise there was at least 15 deer out feeding in the field from little to big.  Cannot wait for late July I'll take a drive by that field nightly to see if any of those deer are a big boy!

Been out fishing lately?  What did you catch?

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