Spring Turkey Season 2012 Recap

The Maryland Department of Nature Resources released the annual report on how the 2012 spring turkey season faired by county and state.  State wide turkey season was a success with an increase of 11% increase in turkeys taken state wide this year.   I myself was not lucky enough to get a turkey this year, as I was new to it and only went once late in the season.  I did have a very thrilling experience when a friend took me out and called in a group of turkeys before the season started.  I must say it was one of the coolest things that I had ever seen and it may have gotten me hooked on turkey hunting .   After reading the DNR annual report it sounds like a good number of hunters were lucky enough to take a turkey this season.    The most notable increases in turkey's taken were in Charles, Caroline, and Anne Arundel counties.  Charles county went from 222 last season, to 303 this season.  Caroline went from 132 to 164 this season, and Anne Arundel went from 38 last season to 58 this season.   As always most of the kills came in western Maryland, followed by the eastern shore, finally followed by central Maryland with the lower numbers.

Here is the Link to the DNR announcement: Spring Turkey Harvest Increases 11 percent in 2012

You can check out each county's turkey harvest numbers from 2006 - 2012 at the link above as well as totals for the whole state.

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