Stealth Cam 1540IR review


Stealth Cam 1540IR


The Stealth Cam 1540IR is a middle of the line offering of Stealth Cam and offers some nice features. As you can tell from all the trail cam photos and other photo's I will be posting around the site, I used a Stealth Cam1540 IR from December 09 - 2010. Over this time I probably took 10,000 plus pictures with the camera in a single year. So it got a work out to say the least, and it only got about a 2 - 3 month break after the bucks had dropped their antlers. I have to say over all I was pretty happy with the camera. I would say this is a really good camera, but this is the first trail cam I have ever used. I am upgrading this fall so we will see what I think of the next one I get to be able to compare it and I will revise this post.

The Pros:

I found the camera easy to use; it was very easy to set up and stayed in the worst of weather attached to the tree. I am not sure if this a Pro or a Con, but I ended up purchasing the external 12v battery pack. I think of it as a Pro cause with the battery pack, it last 2 - 3 weeks take 200 - 500 pictures per night. I found the image quality to be alright. (Not great, but not horrible) I did get a lot of pictures at night where the bodies’ turn all white and blurry, but daytime photos were good, so good in fact I got some great shots of birds. So as I said, overall for a black Friday special at Basspro, year before last, it worked pretty good for the price.


The first thing I did not like about it was the fact that the 6c batteries it required only lasted 1 to 2 weeks tops, and sometimes only a few days. Plus, if you don't use lithium batteries in cold weather they will freeze! So again, get the rechargeable external battery pack and you will be set, it worked in temps as low as -5. The next thing I did not like is the sensor is really limited to about 25 feet most of the time. I got pictures of things further away, but I also had a huge scrape done just 32 feet away and it got nothing, I know this scrape took time to make, and yet not a single picture. The white blurry pictures when using it at night was also not the best. The biggest con that I have about the camera is, it stopped working 1 year and 1 day after I started using it. The IR just stopped working one night, and when I called Stealth Cam, all they said they would do since it was more than a year old and I did not have my receipt was to sell me a refurbished model for the same cost as what I paid brand new! So, I personally think the biggest Con to the camera is the customer service behind it.

My Final Thoughts:

So, my overall review is it is a decent camera for the money. I do not regret buying it, and I will try Stealth Cam products again, but if you are looking for high quality images I would spend some more money and get a different model, or even switch to a different manufacturer. But if you’re just looking to see what is around your tree-stand or what cuts through a small area of woods and do not want to spend a lot of money, this is a great camera for you.

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