Stealth Cam Dilemma

I owned a Stealth Cam 1540IR trail camera, which I have used for the past two seasons.  Last December it gave up the ghost and broke. The infrared part of the camera stopped working.  Even though this was frustrating because the camera was only a little over a year old, I have decided to give Stealth Cam one more shot.

I have narrowed my choices down between two different models, the Stealth Cam Archer’s Choice Trail Cam and the Stealth Cam Delta 8.  Both Stealth Cam models are new for this year and both have some great selling features.  Below, I am going to compare them and tell you which one I have decided to buy and why.

The first camera that caught my eye was the Delta 8.

Some of the key features that caught my eye were:

8 megapixels

46 infrared emitters that provide light for up to a 50 foot range

20 – 180 second video with sound

Easy setup

Accepts up to a 16 gigabyte SD card

Runs on 8 AA batteries which provides enough power for 10,000 images

Small at 6"H x 4"W x 3"D in a digital camo achieved by a green textured case

Compatible with the external 12v power supply (sold separately)

Selling price $139.99

My biggest problem with this camera is that it is not listed on Stealth Cam’s website! On top of that, all the retailers do not list that it allows video or sound.  Major marketing flaw!


The other camera that sparked my interest was the
Stealth Cam Archers Choice 8.0 Megapixel Infrared Digital Game Scouting Camera
.  This camera is very similar to the Delta 8 and the Archers Choice has some great features as well.

Stealth Cam Archers Choice 8.0 Megapixel Infrared Digital Game Scouting Camera

The key features that I like are:

8 megapixels

38 IR emitters that provide light for up to a 50 foot range

Digital 2x/4x zoom

640 /480 digital video with audio

Compact 6"H x 4"W x 3"D

Accepts up to a 16 gigabyte SD card

Runs on 8 AA batteries provide power for up to 10,000 pictures

Accepts the 12v external power supply (sold separately)

Comes in Realtree Hardwood camo allowing it to blend in easily

Selling Price $169.99

Click the picture below for more information or to purchase this camera.


After looking at the features that both cameras have, I realized that both have some great features. They both offer a lot of the features that I want and demand in a trail cam purchase. The Archer’s Choice has some high end features that I consider a bonus and comes in Realtree Hardwoods.  However, it also has a higher price.  The Delta 8 is a more simplistic model with a lot of the same core features as the Archer’s Choice.  However, the green housing that the Delta 8 has to look like digital camo lacks appeal to me.  The appearance coupled with the lack of advertising on this model and consistency between advertisements made me leery. Some sellers leave out the video information and on other websites, the mention of the audio that the camera provides is left out altogether.  I am not sure if this model was an exclusive for a company or what, but it is also not offered on Stealth Cam’s website.  Therefore, I had to call to get this info.  The one positive factor for the Delta 8 was the price, at $139.99 it comes in closer to what I wanted to spend on my purchase.

In the end, I have to make a decision because it is the middle of July and it is time for me to purchase my new camera for this hunting season.  I want to have it in time to get it setup and work out any kinks or learning curves that it might present me.  So after careful consideration, I have decided that I am going to go with the Archer’s Choice.  I think it suits a little more of what I am looking for and the features make the extra $30.00 well worth it (especially as much use as I get out of my trail cams).

My review of not only of the Archer’s Choice trail cam but also the 12v external power supply will be coming later this summer, so check back.


Do you own either of these trail cameras? Please share your experiences or photos with us and our readers; perhaps you can change my mind!

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  2. joe
    i have purchased 3 different archers choice cams. and they all 3 had a lens floating or lose lens in front of the eye of the camera is this a defect or is this normal. im afraid to use the cameras till i find out thanks
    • admin
      Joe, I did some research over the last few days to find out if this was a common problem. I have not been able to find out really anything about a floating lens. We had issues with the first one we purchased but did not have that problem. So to be honest I am not sure if this is a serious problem or not. Perhaps you could explain a little better what you mean by a floating lens? Without knowing more of what you are talking about not sure what direction to point you in. If it is a loose lens I would say return it, but you said you are on number 3 and have the same problem so perhaps it was a defect in a certain batch. Again if you can provide us with some more info maybe we can help you figure out what sort of problem you are dealing with.
    • Matt
      This is not a problem. That filter is powered. The camera will move it into the field of view if it needs it. It is motorized.
  3. logan
    I got a stealth cam Delta 8. It has to be the biggest joke of a camera. It doesnt take pictures inless your right in frount of it waveing your arms like crazy. I took my Primos Truth cam and my 60$ Wildgame Red Enhanced 2 and put each of the two next to my Delta 8. The other cameras take 60 pics in 2 days while that one takes 3. I also get pictures where the lens never goes up and their all black. I leave my Delta in areas where i figure other hunters travel cause if they steel it they arnt getting much. Ill take that risk. ITS JUNK!!!
    • admin
      Logan, Sadly I will admit that your comments about the Stealth Cam do not shock me. I have now had my Stealth Cam Archer's Choice for a little over a year and as it works better than some of the other Stealth Cam models I have heard about, I ran it head to head with the Moultrie M80 over the last year and found that it isn't even close. I don't think I will be buying another Stealth Cam product unless they make some serious changes. Thanks for passing along the info about the Delta 8!

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