Stealth Cam’s Archer’s Choice Trail Cam Review

Stealth Cam Archers Choice 8.0 Megapixel Infrared Digital Game Scouting Camera

Stealth Cam Archers Choice 8.0 Megapixel Infrared Digital Game Scouting Camera
was the camera that was discussed in our Stealth Cam Dilemma Article.  I have now been using it for a few weeks, so I was able to try it out and see how it worked to give you my honest opinion of it.  I have used the camera in the different modes including: high resolution pictures, time lapse, and the video setting.  I will say that the first one of these cameras that I purchased was defective.  However, I took it back and got a new one and the second one works fine.

Here are the basic manufacture specs and information on the camera:

Archer's Choice Stealth 8.0 Megapixel Trail Camera

8.0 megapixels

40-ft. flash range

Accepts up to a 16GB SD card

Burst Mode shoots one to nine images per triggering 

Compact 6"H x 4"W x 3"D

Endorsed by Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, this camera features exclusive Posse Mode that produces 3.0-megapixel images in a two-picture burst with a one-minute timeout. Can also be set to shoot high-resolution 8.0-megapixel images. Plus, it captures 640x480 digital video with audio (10 to 180 seconds). 2X to 4X digital zoom. 38 infrared emitters range out to 50 ft. Burst Mode™ produces one to nine images per triggering. Time, date, moon phase and temperature stamp. SD memory-card slot accepts up to a 16GB card (sold separately). Auxiliary power jack for use with Stealth Cam Auxiliary Battery Kits (sold separately). Eight AA batteries provide power for up to 10,000 images. Compact housing. 

Dimensions: 6"H x 4"W x 3"D.

Below are a couple videos taken with the camera, as well as a picture so you can see for yourself what the quality is of the pictures and video that it takes.

The Pros:

I think the fact that this camera is small, lightweight, camouflage patterned, and seems to have a great battery life is the biggest pros. The other thing that I am very happy with thus far is the picture and video quality, you can see for yourself above. The quality seems to be as good as any trail cam pictures I have seen. I must say, in the time that I have been using the camera, I found a lot of little things that I really like about it past the reasons above.  The camera is easy to setup, and it is very easy to read the LCD screen.  It has an external screen to tell you how many pictures you have taken, which means you do not have to open the camera up or mess with it if you have no pictures.  The camera has a nice big slot so you can use a padlock to secure the camera to prevent theft. The camera also accepts the Stealth Cam Auxiliary Battery Kits. I own the external power supply which I had purchased for my last trail cam, The Stealth Cam 1540 IR and the external battery outlasted the camera. So I highly recommend it if you are taking a lot of pictures or videos and do not want to spend a fortune on AA batteries.  

The Cons:

The camera biggest con to me as of right now was the fact that the first one I purchased was defective and it cost me a return trip to my local outdoor store.  The other two things that I have noticed which are not huge but still noticeable is that the trigger speed is a little slow.  The other negative feature is the type of strap they provide you for attaching it to the tree.  I wish it was something that had a clip on it for easier setup and removal. The only other thing I would love to see is a backlit screen for nighttime setup, as this model does not offer this.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, I think this is a great camera for the price.  Other than the hiccup of the first one I purchased that was defective, I am pretty happy with my purchase.  It takes quality pictures and videos, and offers sound on the videos.  It has very easy setup, which keeps you from getting frustrated. The camera is very small, camo patterned, and has a very good battery life with either the AA batteries, or the Stealth Cam Auxiliary Battery Kits. All in all a good product for the price and I would recommend it to anyone that is in the market for a new trail cam.

Do you own the Stealth Cam Archer’s Choice Trail Cam? Let us know what you think and what your experience has been with it!



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  1. [...] finally got a picture of a nice buck after the hurricane and with our new Stealth Cam Archer’s Choice trail cam.  We got some beautiful pictures of this precocious 8 pt.  He wanted our corn and feed block [...]
  2. Zach Wolfe
    Good quality pics, as well as video with that 8.0 megapixel. Audio is very clear as well. I work in the Lodge at Dicks Sporting Goods in Westminster, MD. Still curious if we'll be getting this stealth cam in this year. Good stuff!...keep it coming...14 days and counting
  3. Mark
    The time lapse mode on this camera has a serious bug. I have gone through 3 cameras and each one will lock up when using the time lapse mode. I have tried several different brand new SD cards all on the approved list, but the camera will still lock up. When it happens you can not even turn it off without removing the batteries. I have called tech support several times and they keep saying it's the SD card even though I told them I have used brand new ones of various brands all on their approved list. Sometimes it will work just fine, and sometimes it will lock up with as few as 160 pictures. The third camera locked up the very first night with a brand new card after 4 hours. This is with the delay set for 5 seconds and lowest resolution, per the example in the manual). External battery is being used, so it's not a power issue.
    • admin
      Mark, We had some technical issues with the first Archer's Choice trail cam that we brought home. We returned it within a couple of days and returned with a new Archer's Choice that seems to be working without issue. I am very disappointed with the level of customer service that tech support is providing you and all of these factors are important when deciding to purchase a trail cam. Think about it, if we are willing to spend a couple hundred dollars on a product, we all expect it to work and to get technical support if it does not work. Our old stealth cam was a couple of years old and never gave us a problem until the IR died after constant use. Somehow, we doubt the Archer's Choice will last two years. We love the quality pictures we receive, but it seems as if there are some flaws with the product. We will keep all of you posted when and if something breaks with our Archer's Choice. Thank you for the comment and keep us posted.
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