Summer 2015

After a several month break from writing here at the blog, I am back to it now that we are in the dog days of summer.  Spring and early summer were pretty uneventful for me.  I have done some fishing but no where near what I would like to have done.  Trout season was pretty good to me this year, then early season bass fishing had it's up's and down's had a couple days of catching some fish but no monsters to write home about this year.  Most of the bass I did catch were in the 1 -  2 lb range this year.  Otherwise, life and working have been keeping overly busy and unable to really enjoy the outdoors like I would like to.  I will keep at fishing and hopefully catch something soon that will be worth posting a picture of! 🙂

On another note, (which is also why I am starting to write again) I saw a few deer the other night and couple of them were bucks. One was a nice size deer with a pretty good size rack on him for early July.  It got me excited and thinking about deer season which will be here before we know it.  As always, I will be starting to shoot my bow here in another couple weeks, and I already set 2 trail cams over the past couple days and will hopefully be setting more when I get time. I will start sharing trail cam pictures as soon as I get some worth sharing.

How is your summer going?  Done anything interesting outdoors? We would love to hear what you are doing this summer!

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  1. clay
    Greeting, I am glad to see your back. I have been really busy with my sons lacrosse tournaments travelling from York PA to VA Beach, and Kent Island. Glad their season is over so I can focus on bow season. I took my bow out on Friday and practiced for about 1 hour. I didn't do too bad. As for the woods, I have 1 mineral lick out on private property. But, I joined a hunt club and probably will spend more time hunting their property this season, but they don't bait. I will put out some trail cameras next week and like to get some tree stands up by mid-August. I am going to enjoy my family over the next 2 months doing what they like, beach, vacation, ect... Because once Fall comes I want to hunt without wife guilt.
    • admin
      Clay, Thanks for the response. Yes, this year has been super busy for a lot of us. All of my friends and hunting buddies seem to be in some stage of life that has given them a very busy summer. I have just been focused on work and spending time with the wife. (like you said, need to get in the wife time so it's guilt free hunting come fall) :-) I have been trying to do some fishing, both freshwater and saltwater but I have just been too busy lately to even pick up a rod. Hoping to get to the beach over the next couple weeks and maybe I'll do some surf fishing. It's one of the most relaxing kinds of fishing in my opinion. I'll be pulling the bow out in the next week or so to start shooting and already have a couple cameras out and need to set one or two more soon. As for treestands, it's too hot and humid and I don't even want to think about it yet. HAHA Maybe in August :-) Good luck with your new hunting club and hopefully you will be sending us some pictures one of these days :-)
  2. duckman
    Hi Sir, I am trying to find out what is requred by the state of Md to bowhunt. how far are the targets? do you have too shoot from a stand even if you plan to hunt from a blind? thanks in advance for any help.
    • admin
      Duckman, You ask what is required by the state of Maryland to bow hunt. Do you mean in general, or do you mean to pass their shooting test to hunt on certain state property? If you are asking about passing their shooting test for the managed hunts, it is a pretty simple test which you do from the ground and it requires you to hit a target no further than 30 yards. Please let us know if that helps or if you have a more questions and we will be happy to answer those.

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