Summer Time Deer

Summer has quickly come and is soon going to be over. We are currently just over half way through the summer and this tends to be my favorite time as deer are starting to get into their late summer patterns.  This means fun for all deer lovers, whether you like seeing or taking pictures of the cute fawns, in all their spotted glory, or you are on the look out for a big buck in velvet. The deer are starting to move and those opportunities are getting better and better with each day.  The picture that is below was sent to me the other day of a very nice buck in full velvet out in the early afternoon while it rained.


Then today as the nasty rain slowly starts to pull out of the area from yesterday, Amber and I had a fair amount of driving to do and our trip took us through some local farms and open areas that deer are frequently.  On this mornings trip we saw a few deer still out mid morning, one of which was a bigger buck, like the one pictured above, but he was just too far off the road to tell exactly how big and how many points he had.  The rest were does and fawns just out enjoying the cooler weather and wet grass.

This afternoon as we headed back home there were even more deer out, most were does and fawns, but I saw one really big buck by himself in a field along the road, he had 5 up on the side I could see, so he was at least a 10 if his right side matched the left.  He was a really tall and massive buck, he will be a real trophy for whomever hunts those woods, but either way awesome to see a deer like that.  Down the road I saw a bachelor group of bucks that were much further off the road, a couple of them were small, two of them had some size but hard to say how big other than they were likely at least 6 or 8 pointers.  With the cooler weather it is awesome to see the deer out and moving and it gives me the urge to want to get ready for hunting season seeing those bucks today.

That being said, it's time to get out and go for walks, take drives around and spend some time spotting deer in all their beauty.  I will be doing both in the coming weeks, and beyond that I plan to get trail cam's up in running over the next week or two to start trying to see what's out in the areas we hunt and start making notes about each buck.  Everyone should start thinking about hunting season as it's just around the corner at a little over a month away!

Enjoy the summer deer and the outdoors!




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