Summer Update & Fishing

Summer time is here many people are getting out of school either this week or early next week and vacations will commence.  We are all looking forward this summer and vacations like many are as some great stress relievers! Summer time is always a busy time of year for many of us and has it has it's up's and downs in a sportsmen's mind.  Fishing can either be really exciting or really slow, there is no hunting to be done, and getting ready for the upcoming season normally means sweating your butt off and bug bites.  I am just now in the process of starting to think about the upcoming hunting season which is now just a little less than 3 months away.  It's time to think about a summer food plot and putting out mineral blocks as well.  We will also likely be getting trail cameras up and running here in the next couple weeks.  It's all an exciting time of year, it's also time to pull the bow and get shooting in preparing for the season.

Both Amber and I are looking forward to this season, we hope this season will be a better one for me and she is looking to take her first deer this year as it didn't work out last season.  So with high hopes and some new equipment we are really looking forward to this year.

Until then, we also are like everyone else and have been trying our luck at fishing between bass fishing, trout fishing and just seeing what's biting in the local streams in general.  From sun fish, fall fish, bass, perch, brown trout, and rainbow trout it keeps us entertained our rods bent and occasional gives us dinner.

We both have been super busy which I am sure many of our readers have noticed by the lack of posts recently, we apologize, and are working to get back to at least one post per week.   We promise they will be about hunting more and more as the summer goes on. 🙂

Until then, how is everyone else spending their summer in the outdoors?  Have you been out fishing? Have you already started thinking about bow season which is now just 3 months away?  We want to hear from you!  Also would love to see some pictures of some fish or deer if anyone has some trail cameras out already! We know bucks are starting to grow antlers already!

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