Summit Treestands Overview (part 2) 2011




Yesterday, we gave you an overview of Summit’s climbing treestands, ground blind, and tree seat.  Today, we present you with the second part of our Summit overview that focuses on hang-on stands, ladder stands, and tripod stand.  If you are in the market for a hang-on stand, ladder stand, or even a freestanding tripod stand, then Summit has you covered!!

Next we will talk about Summit’s variety of hang-on stands:

The rsxEagle Hang-On Stand



The rsxEgale Hang-On Stand is part of Summit’s Raptor Series.  The rsxEagle is the world’s most comfortable Hang-On according to Summit’s website.  It offers a padded seat with 3 inches of padding for all day comfort. The rsxEagle also uses Summit’s Talon bracket system to making hanging the stand very easy.  All around, the rsxEagle sounds like a very comfortable easy to use hang-on stand.

The rsxHawk Hang-On Stand


The rsxHawk is simple, compact, lightweight, and comfortable. It hangs very quickly with Summit’s Talon Bracket System.  This stand is made to be comfortable and reliable day in and day out during the hunting season.

The rsxOsprey Hang-On Stand


The rsxOsprey offers all the same great features as the rsxHawk, only it is built out of steel allowing it be a more affordable option for those looking to not spend a lot of money.  The rsxOsprey uses Summit’s Talon Bracket System, and is quickly adjustable for leveling the platform.  All around great choice if you want a hang-on that does not break your bank.

You can check any of the hang-on stands listed above for more information or to purchase them by clicking on the pictures or links.

Next we have the ladder stand selection from Summit 

Single Shot Ladder Stand


The Single Shot Ladder Stand is built to last. It boasts an over built construction with an extra heavy duty, thick steel that will never let you down.  A thick padded seat for comfort, and all Summit Ladder Stands come with a 4 point fall arrest system, removable bench seat, safety / instructional DVD, 3 stand ratchet straps , written instruction, and a 5 year limited warranty.

Single Shot Magnum Ladder Stand


The Single Shot Magnum is very similar to the Single Shot only it offers more room! Actually, 50 percent more room to be exact.  It offers the same great construction and the thick padded seat for your comfort.  The Single Shot Magnum also comes with a 4 point fall arrest system, removable bench seat, safety / instructional DVD, 3 stand ratchet straps, written instruction, and a 5 year limited warranty.

Double Barrel Ladder Stand


The Double Barrel Ladder Stand is the next step up from Single Shot Magnum it allows you to take a buddy.  The Double Barrel is twice the size of the Single Shot and it is the biggest stand that Summit makes.  It is great for every hunter that wants to take a friend or family member with them, or someone who just wants a little more room to themselves.  It offers all the other great features as the Single Shot and the Single Shot Magnum. It also comes with a 4 point fall arrest system, removable bench seat, safety / instructional DVD, 3 stand ratchet straps, written instruction, and a 5 year limited warranty.

Finally we have Summit’s Tripod Stand:

The Summit Deluxe Tripod


The Summit Deluxe Tripod is Summit’s only tripod style stand.  The tripod style stand is designed to be used anywhere you cannot use or hang a normal treestand.  They are great in areas that lack trees, but still have thick under brush.  The Deluxe Tripod has a platform height of 10 feet, which is a great height. It also offers a roomy metal mesh platform and a 360 degree swivel seat giving you the ability to shoot no matter where your game comes out.  This tripod stand was made to keep up with all the rest and was made to make you feel comfortable, stable, and give you the best chance to harvest the animal that you are after.

Now that I have given you the run down on all of the 2011 Summit treestands, I thought I would give you just a little more information.  Summit also offers a full line of very nice safety harnesses.  They are the Seat-O-The-Pants Harness line, safety should always be your first concern and these harnesses offer both safety and comfort all in one.  Summit also goes out of their way to carry a full line of accessories and upgrades, as well as replacement parts if you already own one of their treestands.  They offer many very useful accessories, a lot of which I use. The fact that you can order replacement parts right off their website without having to find part numbers and all that non-sense is a big plus for me.  So, the next time you are in the market for any type of treestand, check out Summit Treestands and consider giving one of their models a chance next time you head out into the woods.

If you own and Summit or are thinking about buying one, we want to hear from you! Leave a comment and tell us what your thoughts are about Summit and what product you either own or are thinking about buying!

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