The end of the 2014 – 2015 Hunting Season

How sad to see it go.  I spent the last two evenings of the season on our private land trying to get a doe for the freezer.  I saw deer both evenings but had no such luck at getting a shot.  It was just one of those years, but each year you learn more and get better at what your doing. I had some missed chances and I spent a lot of time in the woods not seeing anything this season.  But, I was able to harvest the broken 8 point just a few weeks ago on one lucky evening and I look forward to next season the chance to have a better season.  It's all about being in the right place at the right time and not having work and personal commitments getting in the way of hunting season. haha

Now we look forward to shed hunting in just a couple short weeks, then onto fishing season which kicks of with trout season in just about 7 weeks from now!

I hope everyone had a wonderful hunting season, learned something new this season, got to spend lots of time in nature, and of  course I hope everyone was lucky enough to harvest a deer this year!  We welcome stories and pictures of harvested deer from the past season and we look forward to seeing pictures of sheds and then hearing about what fish are biting where!

Thank you everyone for your support this hunting season and thanks to everyone that shared there stories, successes and even there misses.

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