The Final 10 days of Hunting Season



This year's archery season is quickly coming to a close...  How sad is that?  The seven and a half months we have to wait until we can once again hit the woods or what many of us call our second home is a very long time.   So the last 10 days of the hunting season are without fail when I attempt to spend as much or more time in the woods than I do at the beginning of the year.  I have been unsuccessful at taking a trophy this season thus far, buck or doe.  I plan to spend these last 10 days doing everything I can to harvest 1 or more deer.  So as I approach these last days, I looked back on my hunting season.  I saw some good deer early in the year and during rut with the misfortune of them all being far away.  I passed on a bunch of does and smaller bucks early in the year in hopes of something bigger.  Do I regret any of those outings?  Not a one, in fact I enjoyed every minute, I would not change it for the world.  I do wish some of those deer had been closer, or perhaps some of my hunts had less drama with them, but it's hunting and you go expecting nothing but the great outdoors and some time enjoying nature.

Reflecting back on the earlier part of the year will hopefully allow me to be successful over the next ten days, why you ask? Well, because the deer have started to herd up for the winter, and a lot of times they go back to early fall patterns only targeting different food sources due to the time of year.  So if you add the knowledge of travel patterns earlier in the year plus where the current food sources are together,  you just might have a good game plan.

The off season has it's highlights as well, and we will be talking about them over the next few weeks, but the upcoming ten days are the last chance until the 2012 - 2013 hunting season and that just seems so far away!

I will be updating each day as I head out in the woods, hopefully I have some good news to share more than once!


If you are hunting the next ten days let us know what you see and if you harvest anything! We love hearing from our readers and would love some photo's to go along with the stories!  Good luck!

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  1. Cassius
    Hi, glad to read that I am not alone and someone is still hunting. I went out Saturday 1/21 and Tuesday afternoon 1/24. On Saturday I didn't see anything and the corn that I put out a few days ealier was still on the ground. On Tuesday's afternoon I noticed from the same stand that the corn was still there. About 4:00PM I saw a doe that was coming out of the thick brush, at the same time a couples of land surveyors appeared and the deer turned around. About 1/2 hour later 4 does and 1 buck came out, however, they didn't come my way. I will go back out again this weekend. Have not seen anything this month in the morning.
    • admin
      Cassius, You are far from alone. I have seen and talked to more people out hunting this late season than ever before. Lots of people are still out there trying to find that meat for the freezer or that hope of a late season buck. I am out just trying to find a doe to fill the freezer myself. I am wishing I had taken one or two of the does I let walk early in the season. I plan to hunt several times between now and Tuesday night when the season comes to a close, I have been hearing everyone say no morning activity is going on, I plan to try one or two mornings just in on the off chance I can catch them going to bed. Good luck this weekend, I am hoping more deer will be moving than were last weekend or the early this week!

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