The Odd Little Buck


We recently had a little buck come out that looks slightly odd, and in fact I wonder if he was either in full rut, or if he may have something wrong with him.  I thought at first that he might just be a much older deer, but then I started looking closer and did not see the normal signs that a deer is past peak age. Then I thought maybe he is in full rut, which little guys can sometimes do before the real rut due to the size and appearance of his neck.  I had the thought that maybe he had an illness or disease that could be causing him to look odd.  Well, I will let all of our readers weigh in on this guy.  I am looking to contact someone at DNR that might be able to tell me if they think this is a health issue with this deer or not.

So... below are the series of pictures that we got of this deer, let us know what you think.

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  1. Gino Ciotola
    That is one big, little deer. Haha.
    • admin
      Gino, That was my first though, man that is one big little deer. Still not clear if he is a very old deer, or if something might be wrong with him health wise.
  2. Ramsay
    I think its that new Deer/Rottweiler mix they've been trying to breed.

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