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We recently were lucky enough to have Arches Archery Products send us their "The Solution Target" to try and review.   We were super excited to get the chance to use and review this target as we are always looking for new innovative products to share with our readers.   The Solution Target has two large advantages over its competitors, one is you can shoot all 6 sides of the target and have a different image on each side.  The second advantage is the best part of the target and what makes it different than everyone else,  it is super easy to pull an arrow out and is self-healing.    You can check out the video that shows just how easy arrows are to remove and gain a whole lot more knowledge about The Solution Target at:

The Pro's:

This target has a lot of things we really liked about it, the main thing we liked most about it was how easy it is to pull an arrow out, broadhead or field tip, does not matter. It is a whole lot easier than any of the other similar targets on the market and Amber loves this feature the best.   The other things we really liked about it was the ability to shoot all 6 sides and have a different image on each of the those sides.  The nice handle makes carrying the target very simple.   We still could not believe how easy it was to remove an arrow out of this target and the fact that the foam is self healing (as shown below)  is even better so your target will look new longer!

Being Depressed

After (Healed)

The Con's:

The only con we could find about this target was the color.  When shooting at 30+ yards on a sunny day, we found ourselves having a hard time finding the image printed on the target within the blue background.   We think maybe a different color background or outline of the images would make this better.

Final thoughts:

Overall , this is an outstanding target for those wanting something that allows you to remove arrows effortlessly.   This is a great target for youngsters or females who could fight some of the other types of targets to get their arrows out, not with The Solution Target.  This is as simple as pulling it out of your quiver!  Great for any archer in the family and even better, anyone can carry it so anyone can use it anywhere.    We think they are really on to something with this new target and we would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a new target. As a bonus, Arches Archery is based right here in Maryland and this is a great new local product and company to support.

You can check out for more information or to purchase the target.

Pictured below are the other 4 pictures ( other 4 sides) of the The Solution Target:


Do you  own The Solution Target? What do you think about it and would you recommend it to others?

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