Tomorrow is The Last Day of the 2012 – 2013 Hunting Season

Tomorrow is the last day of hunting season, your last chance to take your bow out in the woods until next season (or turkey season for some of us!).  I was planning on getting out yesterday(Tuesday) and tomorrow as a last hurrah. However,  as it turns out I wasn't meant to do that. I came down with the nasty cold that has been going around that I somehow managed to avoid until now.  As badly as I want to be out in the woods, feeling like this it isn't going to happen.

So, as the season comes to the close I wish everyone that makes it out in the woods tomorrow good luck and I will look forward to some stories about what you say you or harvested tomorrow!


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  1. Clay
    I went out one last time yesterday in the morning. It was a litte cold and too windy. I saw racoons a possum, and squirrels, but no deer. I guess it was too windy for them to trust their noses. It was kind of sad leaving the woods knowing that was it at least until the spring turkey season. Good luck, hope you feel better, and keep writing.
    • admin
      Clay, Glad you made it out on the last day! Yes, I sadly had to go outside yesterday and go to work, it was very windy and I can guess most places were wet and muddy, or even flooded. The deer were probably still bedded down after the nasty rain, if they did move I would guess it was yesterday afternoon and through the night before the snow this morning. It is always sad when hunting season ends. But like you said Spring turkey season is right around the corner, and if your like me fishing season starts in 6 or so weeks! Gives me a good reason to be in the woods even if I am not in a tree. Thank you, I am feeling a little better but not much, what an awful cold that is going around. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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