Tomorrow is the last day of the 2013 – 2014 Maryland Bow Season

Yep, that's right.... Tomorrow is the last day and we are done until September 5th.. That will be a long 7 months...  I plan to hunt the last day of year, still with those hopes of a late season deer.  There is also the fact that I might as well since I have to wait a long time to head back out into the woods.

I will likely be hunting Loch Raven tomorrow morning and probably tomorrow afternoon as well. See how it goes, as I haven't been in the areas I am hunting in several weeks.

I wish everyone the best of luck if you are heading out tomorrow!

I also wish everyone a great off-season as we will soon have shed hunting and fishing soon after that to look forward to get us all through until next season.

If your heading out in the woods tomorrow let us know how you do! Love to hear about everyone's last day experiences!

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  1. Clay
    Hello Andy, I hunted today, just had take another sick day to be in the woods one final time this season. I always hunt over food unless it's the rut. I put some food out this around 7:30 this morning, deer oaks and a little corns. I read that is not good to feed deer corn this late in the season their system doesn't digest it. Got back in woods around noon. It was awesome I had Blue Jays, Red Cardinals, I saw 2 Robins among the all the birds, and squirres. A small does came to feed around 12:45, I just sit and watched her. Her ears were like antennas. She did stay longs after getting my scent. 2 larger does came in at 2:49 but they busted me. I was putting my cell phone in my pocket since I forgot my watch today. One still came in to feed a bit but the other one took off right away. Later 2 yearly came in to feed, they both look big and should survive the winter. I think the larger does came back but she couldn't get comfortable. I was so happy to pull the trigger doing early bow season and I end my last couple of hunt just watching. Of course I wanted to see antlers. I have an exciting year. I moved my tree this year, 30 yards and what a different it made this year. Only 3 time this year I didn't see a deer while hunting. Good luck
    • admin
      Clay, Aren't sick days made for hunting? :-) Thanks for sharing your last day of the 2013 - 2014 season. I think I should take a note from you for next season.. I should start shooting does earlier than mid - late October.. I am glad you had a great year and sometimes just watching deer is as good as anything else! I wish you best of luck next year and have a great off-season!

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