Trail Cam Photo Update for 10/13/2011

Over the past few days we have started to see more deer and each night we hope that  different deer have shown up.  As always we get a lot of does coming to the feeder and bucks come and go, as the bucks come and go we share the photo's with you.   Many of you might have noticed that we are now using two trail cams currently located on the same tree, we did this for the past month or so because we are comparing the Stealth Cam Archer's Choice (our camera) and the Moultrie M80 (which we are borrowing from a friend) and we will have a comparison coming later this season.

Since I (Andy) have only made it into the woods a few times since  opening day, and have been either skunked or not seen much to speak of  on those few outings we want to continue to provide you updates from our trusty trail cam.  I plan to get out more as the weather gets colder and we get closer to rut (Hopefully work slows DOWN!) 🙂

Well here are some pictures from the past few days.


So the next 5 photo's are of a deer that I am guessing to be the 8 Point buck that has been showing up after dark. However, because I only got these few pictures at a distance, Amber and I are not sure if this deer is the 8 point or another deer that is close in size. Normally we get a few decent pictures of the 8 point, this deer came and vanished without getting any real pictures so we also had the thought maybe he was new to the area, what are your thoughts?





If you have trail cam photo's and would be willing to share them with us and our readers we would love to see them! email them to us at and we will post them for everyone to see what you are after this season.


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