Trail-Cam Pictures 11/26/2013

As always I have been collecting trail cam photo's over the last few weeks and it's finally time to share them with all of you.  Mostly little deer as the mid size deer we had been seeing back in October have all vanished the last week or so.  But we have seen a couple cool ones but not as many new bigger deer as we normally see during rut in past years. Which is another reason why either rut hasn't come or my theory on a trickle rut is true! Either way, here are some photos for everyone to look at!

Has anyone got some good trail cam photo's or harvested a big boy? Send us some photos!

8 Point 10/30/2013

I am looking at you!

I am looking at you!


What are you looking at?

6 Point 11/4/2013

5 Point 11/10/2013

4 Point 11/16/2013

Odd 8 Point 11/20/2013

Odd 8 Point  2 11/20/2013

Odd 8 Point 3 11/20/2013

4 Point 11/21/2013

The Eye of a Deer

I am staring into your soul, and soon I will have control of your mind...

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