Trail Cam Pictures 8-21-2017 First Ones this year!

We finally got our camera's out and taking pictures over the last week or two.  Yes, we know about a month later than we wanted them out.  But hey, when your playing catch up in life, better late than never right?

Anyway, we have gotten tons and tons of pictures of does and fawns, foxes, and raccoons.  But, when it comes to the bucks... Well, not a lot yet which is odd for our neck of the woods. Normally this time of year we have a ton of smaller bucks running around as they are still hanging with their mother or just traveling with the group. Not this season, we are a little confused, and a little worried, but there could be lots of reasons for this that could still work out for us as have had deer appear in larger numbers as fall gets closer many times. Or...... We could have a long season ahead of us with a lack luster amount of bucks and nothing great to share with our readers and work to do to figure out where they all went.

Here is the one guy that did show up...

Cute small 5 point that in two years might have some potential, right now he is just a young deer that is fun to look at in full velvet.  Hopefully his older siblings or his father are hiding deeper in the woods beyond the private land we hunt.

next we do have a nice picture to show the deer munching on our quickly growing fall food plot.

They seem to be enjoying their 4am snack.

Finally, we have a cool picture of two foxes playing and or attacking each other in the food plot as well.

I decide I did not want to upload a bunch of doe and fawn pictures as cute as those fawns with spots might be.  However, I will have a few of those pictures next post because it's something I just have to do each season before the loose their spots.

Anyone else getting any good trail cam photo's? love to see some or hear from you!

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