Trail Cam Update + 10/24/2012

Wanted to check in with another trail cam update as I have gotten more pictures of the same few small bucks, the big boys should start pushing these little guys out any day and hopefully will provide us with some new pictures and a new reason to hunt near our trail cams.  We also had a friend send us a trail cam photo he got recently of a very nice what appears to be 9 point.  Very nice deer with split brow tine, I keep telling him to keep me posted on if he gets him!  Hopefully we will have a trophy photo to show you one of these days soon. 😉

Good luck to everyone this end of week and rolling into the weekend, bucks should really start to be moving as I heard in places in VA, PA, and NY people are already seeing bucks chasing does!  Should get real exciting here over the next two weeks!
Below is the friends photo and below that are our trail cam photo's enjoy!

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  1. Clay
    I was planning on hunting Sat-Mon, but now Sandy is predicted to cause high winds for Sunday and Monday between 21-38 MPH. Now Saturday's hunt needs to pay off.
    • admin
      Clay, You are right about that! Make your hunts count this week as next week with the full moon looks like at least Sunday - Wednesday maybe even Thursday are going to be a wash. High winds and possible to have 5 - 10 inches of rain. Going to make hunting very hard for anyone. Good luck!

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