Trail Cam Update 10/27/2013 Bucks are Moving!

Well we finally starting to see some bucks moving.  It's always nice to get some pictures of antlers!  Since it's Sunday, we are used this day of rest and relaxation to check trail cameras and even did a little scouting.. Rubs and scrapes are starting to show up, included below is a picture of a rub I saw today.  Anyway, I think this is really just the tip of the ice berg and deer movement and sign should continue to get better and better over the next two weeks!  I still believe that the best time to be in the woods for RUT  however, will be November 13 -27.  Does that mean you couldn't kill a giant between now and then, of course not, they are getting in the swing of things and there is never a bad time to be in the woods, but I think the peak rutting activity will be during those days, but more about that later this week in my rut prediction post.

Anyone get out and harvest anything this weekend?

Anyway, as promised pictures.. Anyone else got a camera out and seeing anything good?  Love to see some pictures include them in a comment!

6 Point and Spike 10-21-2013

Big Spike 10-22-2013

8 Point 10-24-2013

8 Point 10-24-2013

6 Point and Spike 10-25-2013

8 Point 10-24-2013

8 Point 10-26-2013

6 Point 10-26-2013

8 Point 10-26-2013

Rub 10-27-2013

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