Trail Cam Update 1/4/2012



After several slow weeks of just getting pictures of a couple does each evening we finally got a picture of a small buck last evening around 9 p.m.  We only got 3 pictures of what he looks to be a nice 6 point buck, but this gives us hope as I am headed out into the woods this weekend with high hopes!  Everyone should remember, just because rut is over, there is always a chance at a decent buck in January as they are now out looking for food and sometimes follow does to food source.  Play your cards right and hunt the right areas at the right time and you could get a trophy in the last few weeks of the season.

Below are the pictures of the 6 point buck:



Anyone headed out into the woods this weekend?  Let us know what you see!

The weather should be nice in the whole Mid-Atlantic so good luck to everyone!

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  1. Matt
    The last couple weeks have been really slow for me. Seen does here and there but it's the usual too far, or a branch in the way, or too dark, etc....With the cold weather setting in and having not seen a buck in weeks, I've started losing my drive to go out quite as often. But I did just get the same trailcam for Christmas, so I'm trying to decide if I'm willing to risk putting it out at Loch Raven...It's been pretty quiet around me as far as hunting pressure goes, so if I hide it decently and only leave it for a few days I feel like it should be ok? I'm hoping I can catch a good buck on camera or pattern some does so that I'll be more driven to stick with it these last couple weeks!
    • admin
      Matt, Last couple weeks have been very slow for any. Between the time of year it is and the weather it has really slowed hunting. But as they say it is hunting and it is all about being in the right place at the right time. Glad to hear you got a nice Christmas gift :-) I am guessing you are talking about the Moultrie M 80 trail cam? Well, if you are I just had a conversation about putting on in Loch Raven, I am very uneasy about this since I have had someone try to take my treestand that I left on a tree for less than an hour while I was gutting a deer I had shot, I was 45 yards away! So leaving a trail cam out in Loch Raven scares me without some protection. I normally use a braided security cable and pad lock where I have our two trail cams. But if you are putting it in Loch Raven, I would suggest one of two things, either this <a href="" rel="nofollow">Moultrie Game Camera Security Box</a> or one of our other readers just passed this website along to us and these looks pretty handy and are a lot cheaper: . I think either would be a good investment when you are putting a $120 or more on trail cam on a tree in the woods in Loch Raven. I am glad to hear you have somewhere with lower foot traffic, It seems like everywhere I go this year I have others hunting around me or can see where people have been in my spots. I work hard to find those spots away from people with less pressure, but Loch Raven is not that big, so there is always a chance of running into someone. Hope this info helps and good luck, if you get some pictures and wouldn't mind sharing them send them along to: We would love to see and/or post them for our other readers to see! Good Luck if you are headed out this weekend!
  2. Gino Ciotola
    I've had the same experience Matt. I've seen a couple small bucks the last several weeks, but it sure has been tough. They are out there somewhere, just gotta put the time in. I find this time of year the deer are focused on one thing, and one thing only....FOOD! If you can find a good acorn flat or field with a food source, that's the place to be in my opinion. I don't think the deer roam too far from their core areas this time of year as long as there is food nearby. Supposed to be beautiful weekend (although a little warm for my liking) so hopefully you have a chance to get out. Regarding you're camera dilemma....I have been going through the same problem. I got a trail cam for x-mas as well and I'm a little uneasy to say the least about putting it out in Loch Raven. There are too many idiots that hunt those woods that would undoubtedly take your equipment if they had the opportunity. It's a damn shame, but it's reality. I would definitely look at one of the locking options that Andy mentioned if you intend to put one out. Good luck!!

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