Trail Cam Update 1/8/2012



After leaving the trail cam untouched for the weekend, I went this afternoon and checked it out just to see if anything interesting had come out.  Lately, we have just been seeing the same few does with every now and then an increase or decrease in the number of does.  Nothing exciting and less deer than you normally see traveling together this time year.  Over the weekend, we got a couple interesting pictures to share.  The first few are of a small spike buck, he must of found his way looking for food.  The last  picture explains our motto for the month of January, find food and you will find deer.  The picture is of two does fighting over food, this time of year there is a lot less food for the deer to eat, so food sources get hit hard and normally multiple times  a day.  Just something to keep in mind when thinking about your next hunting spot!


Here are the pictures:




Get away from my food!!!


If you have any interesting trail cam pictures and want to share, send them to us!

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