Trail Cam Update 2/5/2012



We haven't checked our trail cam's in several weeks,  and that is mostly because this time of year we see mostly does in the area and they mostly travel at night.   After checking them,  I found that the evening of Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th of January the deer were moving everywhere.   You might recall, my hunting trip from the evening of the 29th was when I saw all those deer and a number of bucks including the 10 point buck. (you can read the whole story of my hunting trip from the evening of the 29th)  As it would turn out, a flurry of activity happened around where our trail cam was as well.  We had a number of does come out before dark, as well as a small 6 point (it looks like), but a buck none the less.   After seeing this I wonder what triggered the sudden increase in movement, could of been the weather, moon phase, or just hunting pressure.  Very hard to tell, but it was super fun the evening of the 29th in the woods and it sure was nice to see a buck whether big or little on our trail cam.  I think the last picture of a buck was before the Holidays...   We will be taking our cam's in soon, normally around the 15th of this month.  We normally leave them out in hopes of seeing when the bucks will shed their antlers, but as of last week they still had them and with so little movement from the bucks this late season we will probably put them away until late June or early July.

We hope everyone had a good season and if you have any trail cam photo's from this past season and would like to share them, feel free to send us an email with them attached with as much or as little info as you like and we will share them with our other readers!

Pictured below are the does and the 6 point:

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