Trail Cam Update 7/24/2012

We have been checking our trail cam every few days and as of yet we have only seen numerous does and what we now guess is going to be a little 4 point buck that has been visiting our mineral block.  We plan to put the feeder out later next week and hopefully we will start seeing more deer.  We will also be placing several other trail cams out over the next few weeks so hopefully we will be getting more photo's from different places of different deer.

With just 45 days left until opening day of hunting season you should be practicing with your bow on a regular basis, setting your trial cams, and preparing your equipment for the upcoming season.  If you are lucky enough to have private land, you should be thinking about putting feeders out, and you should also be setting fixed stands very soon.

Remember, practice makes perfect and perfect practice makes you even better.  Shoot your bow from different positions, from your treestand, sitting down, and from many different distances.

Below are some more photos of the 4 point buck that has been visiting our mineral block.

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