Trail Cam Update 9/15/2014

Bucks are now loosing their velvet if they have not already lost it in the last week or so.  Most of the deer we were getting pictures of we believe have lost theirs.  We have a few pictures of deer out of velvet, but have not seen pictures of all the deer we saw back during the summer yet.

I haven't been able to get out hunting in over a week, but I have managed to take a ride around and look for deer right at sunset a couple of evenings this past week.  I did not much of any deer, saw a couple fawns along the road and I saw a couple does and fawns in some front yards of houses,  but otherwise didn't really see any number of deer and not a single buck.

So, below are some pictures from the past 2 or 3 weeks and are likely the last of the velvet pictures, hopefully we continue to get pictures and don't go into that early season lull.

Small 8 Point 8/18/2014

6 Point 8/22/2014

Big 8 Point 8/20/2014

Big 8 Point 8/26/2014

2 - 8 Point Bucks 8/25/2014

Big 8 Point Buck 8/26/2014

8 Point 8/21/2014

6  Point 9/4/2014

6 Point 9/4/2014

Small 8 Point Buck 9/9/2014

Small 8 Point 9/14/2014

Small 8 Point Buck 9/14/2014


That's an overview of the deer we have been seeing on camera the last few weeks.

Anyone else getting trail cam photo's?  We would love you to share them with us and our readers! Leave a comment or email us your photo's, please!

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  1. Haleigh
    Has anyone had experience with a <a href="" rel="nofollow">Cuddeback</a>? Any expertise would be appreciated. Thanks.
    • admin
      We don't have any experience with a CB but also have several Moultrie Camera's and a Stealth Cam and we really like the Moultrie and it out performs the Stealth cam by far and beyond.
  2. jim
    I have one. I also have a moultree. The CB I had to mount about 6 7 feet of the ground. It makes a noise when it takes a picture. I keep getting pictures of deer looking right at the camera. I like the moultre better.

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