Trail Cam Update 9/29/2013

I wasn't able to get out hunting the last few days due to an awful cold.  But I still wish I was out in the woods.  Since I couldn't go hunting, I decided to finally give everyone a trail cam update from the last week or so.  Mostly the same couple younger bucks that we have been seeing, but nevertheless we wanted to share the pictures with you.

Anyone else getting any good trail cam photo's or seen any good deer while out hunting?










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  1. Clay
    9/30 - I went out for my 3rd hunt this season but my first morning hunt. I decided to hunt from the ground using a natural blind instead of my tree stand. About 8:30 I had 4 deer coming parallel in my direction but about 30 yards out. I could see the 3 bucks rack above the green brush but wasn't sure about the sma11er lead deer. However, I'm sure it was a bachelor group with larger bucks in the back. I wanted to take a shot and was about to pull back on the last buck but I didn't have a clear path for my arrow. I was set up for the deer to cross in front of me and didn't want to make any movement which would have spook then . The deer was to my right and behind too much brush. Once they got even with me they were down wind and smell me, and changed direction. The last buck snorted, and they were gone. I was left shaking in my boots. But what a great feeling. I thinking about not hunting this area again until the rut.
    • admin
      Clay, Great to hear from you! Sounds like a good morning hunt. Great to hear you are still seeing bachelor group, most people I have talked too either aren't seeing bucks at all or the ones they do are by themselves. I have also started to hear about more and more rubs and a even a few scraps, so very soon those bachelor groups will be gone for the year. Sorry you weren't able to get a shot, but glad you saw them. I hope you get another opportunity either soon or during the rut! Thanks for sharing your hunt and good luck next time you get out!

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