Trail Cam Update (Finally) 10-10-2016

We apologize for the delay in any pictures this year.  Between the hectic life, some equipment failure, and just the lack of time to get them uploaded to the site we really slacked this year on getting photo's out to everyone.  Well I finally got a couple trail cam's up and running and have a couple pictures to share.  A couple from early in the year and a couple from very recently.  Hope you enjoy!




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  1. Clay
    Thanks for sharing the pic. I understand about hectic life. I been out about 7 or 8 times for far. Haven't tagged anything yet, but I close because I am starting to see deer.
    • admin
      Clay, Hope you finally harvested something! I just got back in town after a week long hunt on the Eastern Shore. Now, I am all set to gear up for hunting the central Maryland rut with the full moon this weekend! I am hoping I finally get that chance to harvest a deer, doe or buck at this point! Good luck to you and I should be sharing more updates over the coming weeks.
  2. Great! Thanks for sharing this! It's always very exciting to me when seeing pictures from trail cams. Looking forward to your update on the hunt last week! Keep the good work out there and happy hunting!

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