Trout Fishing Since Opening Day

I have been out several times since opening day of trout season back on March 29th.  As many remember the first few days after opening day produced flooding rains and had the streams way up, muddy and not fish-able for days. When the waters finally went down I was able to get out once and was able to catch 3 over the course of several hours.  In general the fishing seemed slow and it seems like many of the fish either had been washed out or maybe there were just less than I would have thought there would be.

I headed back out the other day to the upper Gunpowder River since it finally got warm out and I was able to catch 2 more in 2 hours.  Generally speaking,  from what I  have seen the rain really had these fish spread out and less aggressive than normal.  I will likely try to get out one more time between now and Easter in hopes of catching a few more.  Then we go into another closure period for many of the local streams. Once again on April 26th we will have another opening day which will hopefully yield better results than the last one more me.   I also have bass fishing to look forward to as the waters of the local reservoirs are starting to warm up with these nice days.

On other fronts we also have opening day of Trophy Rockfish season coming up on April 19th!  Spring is such a great time of year for fishermen.  No matter what kind of fishing you do, you can find somewhere to go wet your lines and enjoy yourself and hopefully land a fish.

Has anyone else been out fishing lately? What are you catching? Love to hear or see pictures of what your catching!

(Note) We promise to try to provide more pictures of what we catch ourselves in coming weeks!

Good luck to everyone if you get out this weekend with the forecast for warm sunny weather!

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