Trout Fishing the Upper Gunpowder River 5/18/2013

Headed back out to the Gunpowder river yesterday morning to do some trout fishing.  After the last non-closure stocking there are more trout around to catch and fishing pressure has been less.  I have been several times over the past week or two and yesterday I was able to change around 8 and the friend that was with me caught something close to the same number of fish. We fished for about 4 hours and we didn't hang around in any one spot long.  Had we stayed places where we were getting bites we may have caught many more.

Trout fishing is one of my favorite things to do, they fight decent, decent chance at catching a decent one since they now stock larger fish, and you normally catch fish!   I have probably caught 100+ fish this spring, maybe more.  I have had a ton of  fun and had some good meals as well as provided several family members with good meals.

Now that trout stocking is complete and the fish will slowly start to dwindle in numbers, I will start looking to find other things to catch for the summer months.

Soon, I will be turning my focus back to hunting as June is normally my month to get the bow out and start getting ready and getting back in the habit of shooting..  I also plan to write more for those who have noticed I have been slacking off, spring is always busy at work and this year I have been focusing more on fishing then hunting..  I never did make it out turkey hunting this year, but since last year was my first time out, I don't feel I missed as much. However, next season I am looking forward to attempting to get out turkey hunting!

Has anyone been out turkey hunting or trout fishing?  Have you done any good?  Have you been doing some other kind of fishing or hunting?  Love to hear some stories or see some pictures!


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