Two Weeks left to the 2012 – 2013 Hunting Season

Only two weeks left to the 2012 - 2013 season, how sad.   It has been a up and down season for many of us.  We have all learned a little, and had some let downs along the way.   There have been some successes including our 2 does and 11 point non-typical, and a couple good 8 pointers that our readers have shared with us.  I have heard of numerous other success stories but sadly have no pictures to share.

As we head into the last two weeks of the season I will be doing some hunting in search of a late season buck or an opportunity to take a doe for the feed the hungry program.  As I said above, we all should take what we have learned this season and we can all look forward to next season.

How is everyone else spending the last two weeks of the season?  Are you hitting the woods or hanging it up until next season?

If you are heading out into the woods, good luck the next two weeks and we will look forward to hearing how you do!



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  1. Henry
    Hope you are doing well. Always enjoy reading your posts. Your season sounds like mine. Funny but the last 2 weeks has picked up, I have shot 3 does and one button buck--darn! I had my crossbow that day and if I shoot a yearling I am careful to look at the head to make sure I don't see a spike or bump. Well I was convinced that it was a doe. Took the shot and spined it. It dropped and I put another arrow in it and it was all over in about 2 minutes. Got up and walked over and my heart sunk when I saw it was a button buck. I actually didn't figure out the sex until I looked at the genital area. So all in all I enjoyed my season. As for season totals -- shot a nice 8 pointer, button buck, and 6 does. I am still hunting and will try to as much as possible until 1/31. A bunch of the members at my gym follow this diet called Paleo (basically meat, vegetables, fruit and nothing processed) and it is recommended to eat lots of wild game. So they have been begging me to fill their freezers. Well I am working hard to get a few more for them. I am also looking forward to next season already. I learned a lot this season. I have two new farms to hunt on next season so I am going to begin scouting and putting up some new stands. Thanks again for your posts and have a great end of the season!!
    • admin
      Henry, Sounds like you have had a very good last few weeks. Well really you had a pretty good year all around, 8 deer and still going. My friends and I had an up and down season but as it comes to a close we are sad but already starting to think how we can prepare for next season. Sounds like your well on your way to a good season next year, even ahead of us. Glad you enjoy our posts and thank you very much for reading. Good luck to you over the last week and a half of the season!

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