Two Weeks Until Maryland’s 2013 Opening Day of Bow Season!

Yep, that is right, just two weeks from today until the opening day of Maryland's bow season!  Time is flying by and soon we will be in a tree waiting on that trophy.

Now it's time to get down to the things that you should be doing to prepare for the upcoming season.  So I decided to put together a list or checklist so to speak of the things you need to make sure you have either done or will do before the season starts.

Most importantly,  have you purchased your hunting license and filled out all the correct permits required?  If you are hunting one of our local reservoirs in Maryland you need the permit which you can get here: .  Other states and other locations require different types of permits so plan ahead for where ever you are planning to hunt and make sure you have your license and required permits.

Next you should have been shooting your bow regularly by now and if you haven't already you should put a broadhead on and make sure your bow shoots the same as your field tip and make any adjustments that are needed.  Make sure you are shooting accurately so if you take that shot on opening day you will feel confident you will make a clean kill.

You should check all your gear, including your treestands to make sure no hardware or anything like that needs replaced. Anything that is rusty or worn should be replaced, especially if your life depends on it like a safety harness or treestand.  Next replace batteries in your things like your flashlights, range finder etc. because you want them to be new for the new season so they don't let you down on the first day.

All of of your gear should be sprayed down with a  scent killing spray and/or cover scent in the next couple weeks to eliminate odors.  You should wash all your early season clothing, hats, gloves, with a scent killing detergent.

Make sure your knives are sharp and ready for use if you get lucky.

Some of you make recall my post from last year, opening day must have.  It talks about getting a Thermacell and how if you don't have one you should get one before hunting season. I highly recommend this product and this is now my second season using it and I wouldn't leave home without it! Make sure if you already have one, you have refills for it so you don't run out and get eaten alive!


If you have all that stuff wrapped up that means you are pretty much ready for opening day!  The last thing you need to do is have your opening day hunting spot picked out and backups if wind or weather changes where you hunt.  After that you are ready to hit the woods come Friday September 6th.  I know i'll be in the woods and I am super excited about this years hunting season and hope it's better than the last!  I'll be hunting the whole day and hope to pass along what I see, hear and hopefully some pictures of what I see or if I am really lucky if  harvest something pictures of that as well.

We will also be looking forward to hearing about each of your opening days and hopefully seeing some pictures should you get lucky and harvest something as well!

Are you ready for opening day?  Did I miss anything you should be doing or thinking about over the next two weeks?  leave a comment with your input!

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  1. Brian
    Thinking about getting a thermacell because it seems like that is the only thing that will keep the mosquitoes away and not spook the deer. Just curious, do you hang this from the tree above your head or do you wear it? I've never used these before.
    • admin
      Brain, They do a great job of keeping anything that flies away! This year the bugs seem to be 100 times worse than I remember them the past couple years so I am super happy I have mine and I think you will be happy with it as well! I normally hang mine from my safety strap that goes around the tree. That way it is right above my head and it doesn't move at all. It gets pretty hot so you want to make sure it is away from anything it could burn! If you are using a climber you could also hook it to the cable that goes around the tree, but I like it above me because I don't have to worry about myself or my gear getting burned. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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