Two Weeks Until Opening Day 2015!

That is right, just 2 weeks from today is the start of the 2015 - 2016 Maryland Bow Season.  That means in just a few short weeks we will all take to the woods after the trophy our choice.  Opening day is always a fun event and many people try to get out and take part.  I have yet to harvest a deer on opening day of bow season, but there is always a first for everything, maybe this year will be my first.

I have started getting ready and getting excited about the start to hunting season.  I have started shooting my bow (got a much later start on this that I would have liked), I have my trail camera's out doing my dirty work, now I just need to pull out the gear and put some new batteries in couple things and get my clothes washed and scent free and I'll be ready to hit the woods.

Just remember always check all your gear to make sure it is in safe working order.  Treestands, safety harnesses, and ropes all should be checked as they can fail and if they do they can cause serious damage and or hurt you.

Everyone else getting ready for the beginning of the season?  Are you excited?

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