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Recently a good friend of mine was able to harvest an 8 point buck which you can read about in our  11/25 - 11/26/2011 Hunting Trip Post.  After the harvest, we decided to split the deer meat and since it was warm out, we took it to a butcher.   I had recently heard about a new butcher that had opened up in Baltimore County at the Maryland line called Uncle Buck's.   This is a lot closer than my butcher whom is in Littlestown, PA.  So, I decided to take the deer to this new butcher as they seemed to have a very good selection and boasted vacuum sealed packaging on everything.  They are reasonably priced and have a pretty fast turnaround time on the processing.

I got several different things out of the deer so that I could try what they had to offer.  I got steaks, hickory jerky, hamburger patties, and cracked pepper snack sticks made for my friend and me to try.   When I picked the deer up, everything was vacuum sealed as promised and ready to go straight into the freezer.  The cuts of meat looked good too.  As of right now, all that I have tried out of the deer is the hickory jerky and it is very tasty.  I look forward to the hamburgers, snack sticks and steaks, but from what I saw and smelled, they too will pass my test for a good butcher.

Pricing is reasonable, like anywhere they require a deposit.   The best part is that they have great hours. Also, make a mental note that if they are not there and you want to drop off a deer, all you have to do is give them a call and they will be happy to meet you at their shop so you can drop off your deer.  This is great advantage for those of us that hunt public land. Normally by the time you get out of the woods with your deer it is past business hours, so being open Sunday and being able to call if they are not around is awesome.

Need a deer butcher or looking to try something new or closer to home?  Check out Uncle Buck's

Here is their contact info:


21429 York Road Maryland Line, MD 21105

Patrick Ingram 443-540-2294

Tim Vancura 410-404-1269

Tell Patrick and Tim that we sent you!

Have you had a deer butchered at Uncle Buck's?  Let us know what you think so our other readers know what to try!

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  1. Ramsay
    Thanks for the recommendation. KCC Farms in Forest Hill is also fantastic. Great hours, they will meet you there just about any time and the cuts are the best I've ever had. Definitely get the Breakfast sausage, it's as good as it gets! Hopefully I'll stop being lazy and post some of my trail cam pics, and pics of the 9 pointer that I got on my property on Monday!
    • admin
      Ramsay, I have been hearing a lot of good things about KCC, I will have to try them out on a future deer. Thanks for the recombination on the sausage! Congrats on the 9 - pointer, we would love to see some pictures and be able to post them for all our readers to see! Glad to hear bucks are still moving in some places if you got him Monday, hunting has been very slow for many of us. I am headed out several times the end of this week so hopefully after this rain they will be on the move!
  2. Gino Ciotola
    I agree about KCC. I've taken my deer there for a few years now, they are great. Ramsay, if you haven't already, you should try the bologna sticks with the cheese...they are phenominal. Congrats on the 9-pointer...let's see some pics!!
    • admin
      Gino, Bologna and cheese sticks together? Sounds yummy :-) Thanks for telling us about them!

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