Under Armour 3.0 Base Layer Review

Over this past winter, I purchased the Men’s UA Base™ 3.0 Baselayer Crew  and the Men’s UA Base™ 3.0 Baselayer Leggings. Of course, this was driven by attempting to stay warm on those long cold days in the woods in late winter.   I have been very happy with other Under Armour base layers I own and many of their other products.  I decided to give some added warmth and try their 3.0 which is intended for extreme cold.  The first thing I noticed with this product is that it is noticeably thicker than other Under Armour base layers I own.  It is also fitted rather than compression which was one of the things that interested me in this selection.   I was able to  use this product for the last couple months of this past hunting season and I have also used it since for some other outdoor activities.  I have been very impressed by just how warm it keeps you.  In extreme cold coupled with other good layers, I would say it kept me 20% warmer than standard Under Armour Coldgear.
Men’s UA Base™ 3.0 Baselayer Crew
Men’s UA Base™ 3.0 Baselayer Leggings


Of course the biggest advantage is it's warmth.  It is certainly warmer than most any other base layer I have used and just as, or more comfortable. They fit well, are not itchy or scratchy like some other base layers.  They offer the same great benefits as other Under Armour Cold Gear in that they wick moisture away while keeping you warm in the coldest conditions.  It also offers   ArmourBlock anti-odor technology, which is great for keeping your human odor down when hunting. Flatlock stitching, and ergonomic seam placement for free, easy movement


I only found one real complaint about these products, and that is that they are rated for cold to very cold with moderate activity.  However, I found that when getting in and out of the woods or climbing a tree they actually made it too hot even in the coldest temps.  I learned that you must real keep your activity slow and passed in order to not sweat.  Now whether this is really a bad thing I am not sure about, but they certainly work better for sitting still or at least lighter activity.

Final Thoughts:

My final thoughts on this product are that if you are tired of being cold whether you are sitting out in the woods hunting, sitting around a hole in the ice, ice fishing, or just spending time outdoors in cold tempts these are a great addition to anyone.  They keep you super warm when looking at the warmth to bulkiness ratio.  They are comfortable and very well made and even offers the ArmourBlock which is Under Armour's anti-odor technology.  They are a little pricey as the crew top is $74.99 and the leggings are $74.99 as well. However, they are worth every dime in my opinion.  I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a base layer that likes to stay warm and dry while not being weighted down or itchy from wool.


Do you own  either or both of the Under Armour 3.0 base layers? What's your opinion?

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