Under Armour Ridge Reaper Gloves Review


During the 2010 – 2011 hunting season I decided to purchase a new pair gloves.  I already had early season gloves as well as late season gloves so I was looking for something to get me through the middle of the season when temperatures can change from morning to afternoon greatly.  After doing a little looking around I came across the Under Armour Ridge Reaper Gloves, they are mid weight gloves in my mind.  After purchasing them and using them on and off over the last two and half months I got a pretty good idea of what I liked, and did not like about these gloves.

Under Armour Ridge Reaper Gloves

The thing that I liked most about these gloves was the warmth to weight ratio.  They are great gloves for upper 30’s and higher temperatures.  They allow great dexterity while still keeping your hands warm.   These gloves also offered pretty good resistance to weather keeping most of your hands dry during rain and snow.


The Ridge Reaper Gloves have two things that I did not like about them.  The first was, the griping pad on the palms and fingers are great for holding onto things, but are very noisy for the bow hunter.  They chased more than one deer off while I was trying to draw my bow back.   The second thing that did not thrill me was the cuffs on the gloves.  They are very open and allowed cold air to come in as well as rain/snow.  This made it hard to keep my hands warm in the weather elements.

My Final Thoughts:

I think these are a good early to mid-season hunting glove.  They offer great warmth without losing dexterity.  Every bow hunter relies on the dexterity in their hands to make the shot, so that is a huge plus.  For the price, they are a good choice for bow hunters and a great choice for the gun hunter.  I just wish they would fix the cuff to make it air and weather tight. I also wish they could make the grip pads less noisy in some way, as that could cost you the deer of a lifetime.  Overall, I am happy with my purchase and will use them for muzzleloader hunting, as well as some bow hunting. I would definitely recommend these to anyone thinking about buying them.
Do you have the Under Armour Ridge Reaper Gloves? What do you think about them and would you recommend them?

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