Unique Big Boy (Rut is on)



Well,  I think this big old guy is a good sign rut is well under way.   The pictures below are from our trail cam last night, check out this big unique ( or odd) deer.  Judging by his neck is pretty close to full rut.  I will be hunting several locations between Friday and Saturday, maybe I will finally get a shot at one of these big boys!

What do you think of this crazy big what appears to be 6 point? Largest 6 point I have ever seen in Central Maryland.



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  1. Gino Ciotola
    That is one weird lookin deer. Almost looks like he might have a drop tine off his right side?? Can't tell if that's just his main beam or what... Only one way to find out...put him down!! Good luck this weekend.
    • admin
      Gino, Yes, he is pretty weird looking. I am guessing old as well. I think he is past prime, due to he looks like he might only be a 6 maybe 7 point not sure. That right side looks like the main beam may split into multiple directions or it could be a drop tine, not honestly sure. This is also what makes it hard to say how many points he really has! As you can tell, those pictures were taken at what it says 8:30p.m. but I had not changed the time from daylight savings time yet, so it was really 9:30p.m. when he came out. So hopefully he or one of these other big boys in the area will show their face during day light as I plan to hunt both near where my trail cams are as well as \ sections of Loch Raven this weekend. Good luck with curbing the doe population this weekend, maybe I will see you in the woods!

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