Weekend Double Header 2012



Who could ask for a better weekend?

For many of us next Friday September 7th will mark opening day of archery season in Maryland.  In many other states opening day is sometime this month as well.  With Maryland's opening day coming 8 days earlier this year I realized last night that next weekend will be a double header for me (and probably many of you).   Friday and Saturday weather depending will be spent enjoying the great outdoors in the pursuit of a deer of a lifetime.  Then to make what is already going to be a long but exciting weekend even longer and more exciting it also marks the first week of football season!  I know not everyone whom bow hunts watches football and vise versa but many of us do and have an exciting weekend ahead.

As I will most be working this coming holiday weekend between actual work, house work, and getting my last bit of stuff done before next weekend for archery season it will be a full weekend.  So, that means next weekend is my weekend to relax and have fun 🙂  I hope many of you are looking forward to next weekend as much as I am!

This coming labor day weekend will mark my weekend to put my final plans in place for opening day and the day after.  I will talk a little bit more about this on Friday as this can be very important topic.

As I stated above, I know many of our readers are not from Maryland so their opening day many not come for another week or several weeks.  That being said I want to encourage our readers from other states to share when your opening day is and what your opening day plan is!  We love hearing from readers and are always up for learning about other states rules, opening days, and what makes them different in planning for the big opening day.

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