Weekend Washout

This past week and weekend was set to be my first real hunting for the season.  Thanks to a very busy work schedule I haven't really been able to get out in the woods.  Then a hurricane developed in the Atlantic Ocean and between that, a cold front, and another low pressure sitting in the south east this past week and weekend was a total washout for hunting.  With the  minor exception of some time on Saturday between the nasty drizzle and steady rain that came later.

That means my hunting has been moved to next week and hopefully next weekend. I am hoping for dry, sunny, cool weather for next week.  I hope everyone watched some good hunting and fishing shows while we were all stuck in the house not out enjoying our time in the outdoors.  For those of you who did made it out Saturday between rain showers hopefully you had a good day hunting. Better weather this weeks looks like i'll finally get out in the woods.

Good luck this week everyone!

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