Were Back! Life and Summer Update!

Well it has been an exciting but very busy year for us at Bow Hunting Maryland.  Unfortunately, I cannot say that I have a lot of hunting or fishing experiences to tell you about.  I (Andy) have been able to get out on the Chesapeake Bay only once this season which was back in June and produced only 1 bite for the whole boat and not a single fish. Granted it was an extremely rough day, but still very disappointing.

I have been out on several bass fishing trips on different local lakes and had fair to decent success.  A couple of the trips the buddy that took me fishing caught some very nice bass in the 4 - 5lb range.   I am starting to gear up for the upcoming hunting season and finally got my bow out and started shooting.  I got a new feeder which I will be reviewing this fall.  And the trail cam is up and running and pictures will be coming very soon.

As for a life update we have had an extremely busy spring and summer.  We have an added bundle of joy to our family as we are now parents to a precious baby girl which what has consumed most of our spring and all of summer.  As she is getting older we are getting back into the swing of normal life.  The other part of life that has added time commitment is my business has taken off and been extremely busy this past spring and into this summer which made life even more challenging..

Even with the added life challenges we both hope to continue to take part in our hobbies and share our experiences with you this fall. As always if I get any new gear I will be writing reviews and I will attempt to keep up with trail cam updates as long as I have something interesting to show you!

I hope everyone had an awesome spring or summer and I hope to hear how all of our readers spent their spring and summer enjoying the outdoors! I would also love to hear how everyone is preparing for the upcoming 2016 - 2017 bow season!

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