Useful Websites

All of the links below are places I either have used or have found useful in one way or another. Hopefully, they will be of use to you as well.

ThreadZ - Custom Bow Strings

This company is located in Princeton, KY and is run by a husband and wife, Jerry and Margie Carter. They offer custom bow strings  and cables in a verity of different colors shipped straight to your house.  They offered great customer service, and you can order easily online or by phone. Here is there website: and phone # 912-276-4212

Archer Full Throttle is great for any of your archery or other hunting needs. I have purchased several things from here and sometimes they have super good deals past the already good prices. I will also note that the lady that owns the site is very nice and helpful if you are not sure about something or have any questions at all.

Looking for a new Trail cam?  Below is a link I came across while doing some research for my upcoming trail cam purchase.  They seem to have a good selection and some very good prices depending on what your looking for.

Ever wondered how much kinetic energy your arrow produces, here is a very useful kinetic energy calculator (link Below).  All you need to know is your arrow speed, and arrow weight and it will tell you exactly how much kinetic energy your arrow produces.  is a site that provides detailed and comprehensive review about hunting gears such as hunting knives.


Need some useful information about the state of Maryland hunting locations, check out the Maryland Tourism Site hunting section.
You can also check out the Maryland Tourism Home Page  which can help you find lodging, activities, site-seeing locations, and lots more.