10/30/2015 Evening Hunt

Spent another evening out  in the woods of Loch Raven. The evening started out a little windy, but otherwise a  picture perfect fall evening in the woods.  I got in my stand nice and early, only one minor oppps, I apparently dropped a glove out of my pack when I was putting some other stuff in before leaving to go hunting.  So, I was the one gloved hunter.

I didn't think the deer would move too early, but was hoping for some movement before dark that what has been happening the last week or so.  Well, as every other hunt I have been on this year has gone, nothing was moving.

I spent the evening wishing I was squirrel hunting, I would have had a great night.

The highlight of my night was after climbing down out of the tree at dark,  I was just packing my stand up and I hear something walking toward me from over the hill.  I stopped and had a buck,  no clue how big or what he looked like, but a buck walk straight up the hill right too me.  He got to about 8 yards, realized something wasn't right and all I could make out was a dark mass that had some white horns on it's head as he turned his head, well that was it he spooked  off.  Not that I could have shot him anyway, as it was after shooting light, but it sure would have been nice to know what buck was starring me down.

Now, this seems to be how my season has started out. No deer, deer moving before sunrise, after sunset, you know any time but when I can actually see or shoot them.  I am hoping this week is my turn around.  I am going to be trying some new spots in Loch Raven this week. So, here is to hoping for better luck!

I have heard about a number of bucks being taken between Thursday and today.  Anyone have any success stories for us or some pictures?

Good luck to everyone this week, I think it should be a good week to harvest a deer.

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